Designed to support independence and social interaction.

When you decide to call Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons home, you are investing in far more than a place to lay your head at night. Certainly, our Private Residences are beautifully appointed, peacefully secure, and boast all the creature comforts you've come to expect. But the beauty of Cordia extends far beyond the walls of the space you’ll call home.

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Cordia Apartment

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Wine Bar

When you become a Club Member of Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons, you will have become a resident of a thriving, multi-generational community, one that affords a rich and distinctive daily experience within that larger community. As such, please understand that, at Cordia, you’re not merely “renting an apartment.” You’re gaining monthly membership in an exclusive Senior Residential Club; your residence is just one mere part of the total Cordia experience.

Key to the Cordia experience, of course, is its unique ability to support independence while at the same time fostering infinite opportunity for social connections—with new friends among the Club Members, family and the greater community that live or are drawn back daily to Cordia’s home, The Village at Grand Traverse Commons.