The Right Choice for Traverse City Senior Living

Few decisions are as important to the quality of life as those that determine where—and how—we’ll live. As you consider Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons, there will be much to evaluate: Whether or not the timing is right for you. If Cordia’s options satisfy your particular tastes and preferences. How you feel about leaving your current residence. Financial considerations, family, friends, and your vision for your future will impact your thinking as well. Many Club Members who have chosen a Cordia Community over the years tell us that they wish they had made the move sooner.

Unlike typical retirement or assisted living communities, Cordia increases the ability to live independently—a quintessentially high priority for all of our Club Members. That said, we encourage you to consider every factor, from every angle, and to evaluate other communities as well. When the time comes to make the right decision for you, we urge you to let your own priorities and values be your truest guide. We hope the information in this section aids you in your review and selection process.

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