Extraordinary opportunities for ordinary seniors.

Care has been taken to ensure that Cordia Club Members’ desires to live independently, pursue passions, and connect are met with ample opportunity. To complement our expansive curriculum and your experience of day-to-day living, we’ve built within Cordia a multitude of first-rate amenities for the exclusive use of Cordia Club Members.


  • A superbly appointed 60-seat theatre will be home to a rotating program of speakers, films, and music as well as other engaging performances.
  • A wellness spa with hair salon services for men and women, as well as massage, manicure and pedicure services, and pampering walk-in bathing.
  • A dining room draped in white linen will serve as the formal dining option.
  • A casual pub, and a cafe market.
  • For those in a playful mood, multiple game rooms will be available for hosting or joining a round of poker, bridge, pool, trivia, or whatever challenge sparks your competitive spirit.
  • For your creative spirit, a well-appointed woodworking room and studio for painting, pottery, sewing, and other arts await.
  • Reserve a dining room for entertaining family and friends.
  • A state-of-the-art fitness room will provide the opportunity for individual and group instruction.
  • Covered porches with fireplaces to extend the outdoor season
  • Courtyards for fresh air, contemplation, and gardening.
  • Television room with large-screen TV for the ultimate viewing experience.
  • Library and information center featuring publications, computers, and digital books.