Umbrellas are for rainy days. Coffee is for mornings. Minivans are for families. Senior residential club’s are for…busy people? According to Marsha Minervini, a Charter Club Member at Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons and a busy realtor in Traverse City, that’s exactly right. She and her husband Ray are among the first 30 people to join the recently opened Club. “When I tell people we have a private residence in town at Cordia, people laugh! You’re living in a senior living center? Are you retiring?” Marsha said while scratching her head. “People just don’t understand this place until they come in and see it for themselves. Then they get it – it’s amazing.”

Marsha wanted to make sure everyone reading this knows–she is not retiring! Far from it. She is the definition of busy. And to her, this is the reason why life at Cordia just makes sense. She sings in a show chorus, is active with Traverse City Rotary, and frequents Traverse City’s many brew pubs–often following local bands like The Accidentals and Billy Strings. While sitting in her office, the phone was busy with inquiries from her real estate listings. “If you’re a busy person, this place is perfect. When I get home from a long day at work, I don’t always feel like cooking, cleaning, or climbing a ladder to change a light bulb. At Cordia, I have a personal chef included in my fee, someone comes every Monday to clean my private residence while keeping all the common space I share in top condition, too. And I just call someone to handle any repair including something as simple as changing a light bulb.”

Cordia’s impact on Marsha’s life is profound, but it’s not unique. Those who call Cordia home know it is not the isolated, institutionalized senior facility many think of from the past. Club Members, friends, family, grandkids, cats, and dogs come and go as they please. Cordia is a springboard for clubmembers as they continue living interesting, meaningful, engaged lives, the lives they have always lived.

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Have an errand to run? Call Cordia’s concierge team and they’ll happily get your car, wipe off the snow, and pull it up to the front door. Want to take fido for a walk? Traverse City’s largest park is just outside. Want to watch the big game with friends? Invite them over to Cordia's pub. Have a doctor’s appointment? It’s just down the road. Cordia affords Club Members the opportunity to focus a more on improving their person and less on maintaining their property.

Because the concept is new, it may take some time for people to understand Cordia. But with a few more members like Marsha...maybe not. “I tell all my friends...I don’t need people to take care of everything for me. I can still cook, clean, drive, and walk. Most everyone at Cordia can. But that doesn’t mean I want to. I would much rather spend time enjoying this wonderful city.”

And she is…

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30,000 Square Feet of Common Space

Roughly one-fourth of Cordia’s expansive footprint is devoted to carefully designed common spaces where Club Members can dine, play, and relax together if they choose. While your Private Residence is undoubtedly your sanctuary, the world just outside your door is structured so that opportunity for socialization abounds.



Ample studios to large one or two bedrooms

Luxurious, secure, and exceptionally appointed, your Private Residence at Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons elevates living to an art form. With studios ranging in size from 430 square feet to two-bedroom Private Residences tallying up at nearly 1,000 square feet, you are certain to find the perfectly-sized Private Residence to suit your needs. Whichever floor plan you choose, it is guaranteed to come complete with spectacular light, soaring ceilings, and the feeling that finally, you’ve arrived in a home sweet home that requires far less of you than it provides.