How Will You Design Life's Next Chapter?

Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons' role is a simple one: to give you the access, opportunity, and freedom to seize each day and make it better than your last. We do that by taking the wearying burdens from your shoulders and schedule, leaving you wide open to explore—in an utterly safe, secure, and luxurious setting—the best life has to offer. Are you ready to indulge?

Model Residence Now Open

The model residence looks great on video, but there is nothing like seeing it in person. We invite you to schedule a private tour where you can touch the genuine cherry cabinetry, appreciate the fine details of the custom ceramic tile shower, admire the natural granite countertops, and feel how 16' ceilings create an airy environment perfect for entertaining with your friends.

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Limited Availability

The excitement surrounding this historic project has our phones constantly ringing with people just like you who refuse to cease their pursuit of a better tomorrow. Among those who have already reserved their residence at Cordia are people from all walks of life and from all over the country. We have reserved residences for moms, dads, aunts, uncles, businessmen, professors, bankers, artists, nurses, and realtors. Who knows, your neighbor may be one of the many we have had the pleasure of talking to with plans to call Cordia home. All of these First Selectors share a common desire to live intentionally. They recognize that our Residential Club is an environment perfectly suited for individual agendas and meaningful life.