The misconceptions of Senior Living

Cordia, a Senior Residential Club at Grand Traverse Commons, is your pathway to enjoying extraordinary living. Located within walking distance of Traverse City's quaint downtown shopping district and the crystalline blue of Grand Traverse Bay, our community is an invitation to a unique lifestyle that melds security, architectural beauty, vitality, and freedom.

Moving into a senior residence is life’s equivalent of throwing in the towel.

Making a bold decision in the interest of an improved lifestyle is anything but giving up. Quite the opposite is true. It’s sticking a stake in the ground, taking charge, and asserting that the time ahead of you and what you are doing right now should be as interesting as what you have already done.

It’s ONLY for people who need care.

Cordia certainly has the resources to support you if you are ready for assistance with medicine, dressing, or bathing (to name just a few possibilities). We are also designed so people can form and maintain connections in their lives and spend time doing things they find most satisfying. Senior living isn’t just for those who NEED care…it’s also for those who WANT more out of life, no matter their physical abilities.

The food. I could never put up with that terrible food!

Senior living communities haven't exactly been renowned for their culinary brilliance. But Cordia is. We offer dining options from private to al fresco and our menus, developed and prepared by a locally admired chef, run the gamut from comfort food to "foodie" heaven.

Downsizing is impossible. I have too much stuff.

Saying goodbye to belongings, places and people will truly test your resolve and spirit. The difficulty can’t be underestimated. Yet, if you have the courage and vision to do it, downsizing can can free you from maintaining items from the past, and make room for rich, new opportunities in the future. Cordia's Director of Club Programs recently wrote a nice article about downsizing. Click here to read it.

It’s too expensive.

In your current home, monthly living costs are diffused...even though they all draw from the same checking account: mortgage, real estate taxes, property insurance, home repairs and maintenance, groceries, eating out, car payments, car insurance, car repairs, trash removal, water, sewage, electricity, cable, internet, lawn care, and association or condo fee. It really adds up! Cordia consolidates all of your living costs into a single monthly fee. Click here to do a financial comparison…you may be pleasantly surprised.

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