Cordia is proud to present its first ever Spring Program Series. Enjoy diverse, complimentary, and culturally engaging programs inside beautiful Building 50 each week beginning April 9th. Due to limited space and high interest, we are kindly requiring patrons to RSVP in advance using the form below.

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May Programs

A Vintner's Tour of Italy Wednesday, May 7th at 3:30pm

Take a guided wine tour of the Italian peninsula from the ancient Greek city of Paestum on the Amalfi coast criss-crossing north all the way to South Austria with several stops in between. We will explore the wines of Italy's lesser-known regions along side the "usual suspects" and sample some regional cuisine along the way.

Presented by Amanda Danielson, Advanced Sommelier, Proprietress & Curator, Trattoria Stella

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Writing Workshop: A Snapshot in Time Wednesday, May 13th at 3:30pm

The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” is true, but what if the picture were also accompanied by words? In this workshop you will learn a valuable technique for easily writing your life stories using your favorite photographs. Bring a favorite pen and photograph as we guide you through writing prompts and focused writing exercises to assist you in remembering and expressing what is important to you.

Presented by Catherine Turnbull, poet and author of The Chocolatier Speaks of his Wife, and Megan Raphael, life-coach and author of The Courage Code

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Body and Brain Fitness Thursday, May 28th at 3:30pm

This unique circuit class will focus on fun brain games and other activities to help strengthen memory, brain function, balance, strength and well-being. The combination of body movement and challenging brain games will help your concentration and body control. The class has been designed for all abilities, and will leave you invigorated and sharper! Wear comfortable clothing which allows for movement.

Presented by Club Executive Director Linda Price

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June Programs

Discovering the Secrets of Spirits Wednesday, June 3rd at 3:30pm

Northern Michigan is rapidly becoming a leader in artisan distilling – making spirits in small batches for discerning drinkers looking for something other than the same old whiskeys and vodkas. In this fascinating – and tasty - program you will learn the secrets behind the distilling of vodkas, gins, ryes, and bourbons from Michigan’s largest micro-distillery as he shares recommended food pairings and offers samples.

Presented by Perry Harmon, Operations Manager and Spirits Ambassador for Grand Traverse Distillery

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Introduction to Basic Drawing Tuesday, June 9th at 3:30pm

In this session you will learn to draw based on a new way of “seeing.” The basis of all art forms is the ability to draw. Develop new skills or refresh old ones using a variety of simple materials. Then, take these new skills and apply them to other art mediums you may pursue…pastels, oil pastels, watercolor and painting. Come join us for the foundation skills of drawing and be amazed at what you can do. 

Presented by Mary Kay Burbee, Cordia Artist in Residence

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How Can Smart People Be So Dumb? Wednesday, June 17th at 3:30pm

Experience the newest form of collegiate education, the ‘flipped classroom,’ as we examine the meaning of Emotional Intelligence, or "EQ" and what causes some high IQ individuals to appear clueless in everyday life. In fact a number of popular television shows, including today’s highest rated show, “The Big Bang Theory” and a new crime show, “Scorpion” are built around exposing the difference between IQ and EQ. Using the flipped classroom today’s colleges deliver the best available lecture on a topic–often electronically–thus allowing students to watch at their leisure and then attend class discussion on campus with a resident faculty member. Experience this new pattern of lecture/discussion as we uncover why low EQ can expose high IQ individuals to the charge levied by this session's title.

Presented by Dr. Eustace Theodore, former Lecturer in American Studies, Yale University

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The iPad Apps You Gotta Have Thursday, June 25th at 3:30pm

If you know the expert tricks, an iPad’s utility is almost limitless. From brain training to digital newspapers to infinite music choices and more, learn from a “techie” and his list of top apps.

Presented by JC Capron, Apple Technology Instructor at CityMac

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