When an Apple is Compared to an Orange

A story on price, perception and value.

Salon and Spa. Movie theater. Granite counter tops and custom cherry cabinetry. Concierge team and valet parking. Fine dining. It sounds too good to true. It must only be for the wealthy, right? We’ll be frank , looking at the list of amenities available in the Cordia Club caused an eyebrow raise for us, too. Even those who now live at Cordia once had misconceptions about pricing. Why? Apples aren’t oranges. The apple in this case is at-home living with diffused monthly costs, and the orange is Cordia’s all-inclusive monthly Club fee.

Save for Caribbean cruises and beachfront resorts, all inclusive living is a fairly foreign concept. So, to illustrate, we offer this analogy.

Mary, a lovely lady from Petoskey is in the market to lease a car. After diligent research she finds the perfect fit–a roomy, safe, all-wheel drive SUV with a roof rack for skis. She shops around Northern Michigan dealerships comparing prices and finds that only two have the exact model she desires.

Both dealers offer scheduled maintenance, a nice bumper-to-bumper warranty, and have the sharp metallic grey color Mary loves. This is where the similarities end. One dealer is leasing the SUV for $299/month while the other is leasing it for $419/month. Mary’s diligence pays off…she found a deal, right?! Not so fast. Being the diligent shopper she is, Mary looks closer.

The $299/month lease is everything one would expect in a typical lease. No funny business. The apple.

The $419/month lease offers this...and more. Much more. For this ‘more expensive’ monthly fee includes all scheduled maintenance, all fuel for 36,000 miles, great comprehensive car insurance, and unlimited car washes – all at no extra charge. The orange.

The second ‘more expensive’ lease doesn’t just return safe point-A to point-B transportation. It provides comprehensive mobility and cool perks, too. Mary compares the two in the proper context, calculating the monetary value and intangible benefits. She’s comforted with peace of mind and tickled by the idea of always having a clean car. To her surprise, she also finds the orange is a better financial deal too, by over $50 a month.

In the same way, Cordia’s monthly Club fee doesn’t just provide a place to call home, it provides the opportunity to lead a life according to your personal agenda. Written, directed, and starring...you. Many of those who have made a proper comparison like Mary have decided the orange is worth it... and it may be worth it to you, too.

Cordia’s Club fee’s start at just over $3,200 per month. Though many feel at first that they cannot afford Cordia, what they find is that the Club fee is not much more than they are spending now. To see a financial comparison completed by a Cordia Club member, click here. You’ll be surprised what she found.

30,000 Square Feet of Common Space

Roughly one-fourth of Cordia’s expansive footprint is devoted to carefully designed common spaces where Club Members can dine, play, and relax together if they choose. While your Private Residence is undoubtedly your sanctuary, the world just outside your door is structured so that opportunity for socialization abounds.

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Ample studios to large one or two bedrooms

Luxurious, secure, and exceptionally appointed, your Private Residence at Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons elevates living to an art form. With studios ranging in size from 430 square feet to two-bedroom Private Residences tallying up at nearly 1,000 square feet, you are certain to find the perfectly-sized Private Residence to suit your needs. Whichever floor plan you choose, it is guaranteed to come complete with spectacular light, soaring ceilings, and the feeling that finally, you’ve arrived in a home sweet home that requires far less of you than it provides.

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